Vision and mission

“Ganchev” is a company that is clearly aware of its mission in the modern society. Years we develop production capacity, technological procedures, our brand and range.

The creation of food for the smallest among us is more a mission than a business for us. In a world of competition, critical customers and high standards, we shall use our best efforts to be always one step ahead.

One step before our competitors, one step before the next request of our users and one step before the state establishes and enforces standards of production. In other words, we do not exist to meet the market – we strive to design and develop it. The most valuable asset is our credibility and the honesty of the people. Their opinion is extremely important for us, so we are always ready to listen, to accept their recommendations and criticisms. If you believe in the constructive use of bilateral communication, please contact us and tell everything that would make us an even better producer and you an even more satisfied customer.