Production line

“Ganchev” has a very modern production facility equipped with an advanced production line for aseptic production, composed of last-generation machines, specially designed by world leading manufacturers to meet our specific requirements. Two particularly sensitive phases of the sterilization and filling, characterizing the optimal heat treatment of the entire aseptic process are fully guaranteed by a closed sterile environment.

“Ganchev” has autoclaves, buffer containers and pasteurizing systems, machines for aseptic filling and automatic labeling, X-ray inspection system and all other equipment necessary to ensure a closed production cycle.

Our Installation for production of fruit purees is fully automated and includes a set of buffer vessels and pasteurized facilities. It is controlled by a special computer program, which allows precise dosing of incoming nutrients.

The installation is one of the main components in all our production model. Because of the imperative need for permanent and effective quality control, Ganchev has ultramodern X-ray scanning machine for the production – “Raytec”. With its help automatically scan prepackages for:
– Foreign bodies in the product (glass and metal);
– Set a level of contents in the package;
– State of the container (jar with irregular shapes, thin walls, correct position of label, etc.);

The machine is connected to the Internet, which ensures proper calibration and parameters, coordinated all the settings with the manufacturer “Raytec”. Machinery for cutting, crushing, mixing, heating and emulsify the German company “Stephan” in turn combines the latest technological trends and developments in the field of engineering. It is built entirely from high quality stainless steel and meets all international sanitary and productive requirements.

The quality of evidence on this machine and the fact that apart from the production of foodstuffs, it is used in chemical-pharmaceutical industry. “Ganchev has a last generation machine for aseptic filling, packaging and labeling. It is a new development (since 2008) of the leading Italian company “Bencopack”. Self-made packaging machinery, dosed in the desired content, seal it in an aseptic environment and automatically labeled with sleeves then cut a little trays with 2, 4 and 6 packages.